About Us

We Are That "Something Different" You Have Been Looking For!

​​FlipnPics Flip Books  started in South Florida in 2009.

We were the First... and We are Still the BEST.  In 2014 we brought

FlipnPics to the Atlanta Metro Area and Are Now Servicing Both Areas.

We provide Entertainment and Hysterics as Your Guests (Both Young and Young at Heart) Watch Each Other Make Their Videos and Laugh Until It Hurts.  It is a Fantastic form of Instant Gratification and a Memorable Keepsake that won't be  Tossed Away.

Why FlipnPics?
   We have more People at your event (1 to Direct and Entertain) and 1 - 3 others for Production. We use Better Quality Paper and Printers and We Produce more Flipbooks than Anyone else. You get 60 Business Card Sized Color Images assembled into your own Portable Mini-Animated Movie. Unlike a Photo Booth (with only 3 - 4 Pictures) FlipnPics Flip Books are a Fresh New Idea that shows you and your guests in Action... without needing a Phone, TV or DVD Player. Flipbooks are also Great to mail to Faraway Friends and Family (such as Grandparents) and Especially Loved Ones in the Military.

Simply put, FlipnPics is a Super Unique Addition to your Special Event. We set up a

12' X 12' Studio at your Event and Invite You and Your Guests (or Clients) to step in front of the camera to make a short 6 Second video clip. In about 90 seconds, we turn that video clip into a personalized Flip Book while your guests are Watching... and LAUGHING!​ ​​